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Give Hope to Families Facing Hunger!

DeAdra and Dacian

DeAdra Lee would do anything for her 3-year-old son, Dacian. Including going hungry.

"I put my son first above everything else," she said.

Which is why she moved out of her hometown of Chicago to get away from a difficult situation and give Dacian a better childhood.

But what was supposed to be a fresh start for the family turned out to be anything but.

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Give Hope to Families Facing Hunger!


I served in the air force for 20 years. I was everywhere, including Vietnam. After retiring from the military, I worked in an auto store and construction. I had a good career, but I’m 81 now so I can’t work any longer.

It’s hard to make ends meet on my retirement income. It happens every so often that I don’t have money to buy food.

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Give Hope to Families Facing Hunger!


10-year-old Oscar tries to be a normal kid. He likes hanging out with his friends, playing sports and even doesn’t mind going to school, where he’ll be in fifth grade next year.

Oscar’s dad works as a waiter and his mom cleans houses. Even though both his parents are working, he says sometimes the budget is tight at his house. That’s why he gets free lunch at school.

During the summer, that meal isn’t available.

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Give Hope to Families Facing Hunger!

Joshua and Lorali

Joshua and his sister, Lorali, participate in the BackPack program. At the moment, they live in a one room hotel room with their mom and dad.

Lorali: “If I didn’t have the food to bring home, I’d be sad because there wouldn’t be any food.”

“Sometimes we have food and sometime we don’t.”

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