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Give hope to families and
communities near you!

The Power of the Feeding America Network

Feeding America crafts a coordinated response to the hunger crisis that is implemented through our vast network of food banks. Our national staff provides technical assistance, capability development, programmatic training and shared learning to maximize the efficiency and reach of local food bank programs. Bolstered by this foundation of support at the national level, each food bank has more resources than if it operated in isolation and can reach more people in their service area.

Together, we can solve hunger. Through a common vision and shared goals, we can have a greater impact. Feeding America’s ideal partners are interested in one or more of the following:

  • Are invested in hunger relief, nutrition, education, community development, children, families and seniors
  • Wish to engage communities where they operate
  • Operate nationally but have regional and local offices
  • Have food waste that can be used to feed people at risk of hunger
  • Are interested in building employee engagement
  • Encourage volunteering across the country and skills based volunteering