SAIC Give A Meal Team Challenge

Hunger impacts everyone!
Hunger impacts everyone!

SAIC Equality Alliance Team


A recent study found that one in four LBGT adults in the United States could not afford to feed themselves or their families at least once in the past year (Williams Institute at UCLA).  The hunger crisis in America touches everyone.  For the LGBT community, differences in local jurisdictions, lack of family support, and medical and health issues all contribute to challenges that are often unique to our Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered counterparts.     

We are excited to be leading the Equality Alliance Team for the SAIC Give A Meal Team Challenge!  As Team Captains, we are helping Feeding America raise funds to help ensure that the important work of Feeding America continues.  

42 million people in America don’t know where their next meal will come from.  Many are working families, children and the elderly.   Every dollar that we raise through SAIC's Give A Meal Team Challenge will provide up to 10 meals for those struggling with hunger.  

And you can help by joining the Equality Alliance Team or supporting our fundraising efforts with a donation!  

Whether you become a team member or support us with a donation, we thank you for generous support!

Thank you!

Jeff and Joy

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