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The Meme Plague by Angie Smibert

The Meme Plague by Angie Smibert

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Help us reach our goal of $300.00!

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Say Enough to Hunger!

Hi, I'm Angie Smibert, author of the MEMENTO NORA series. For the launch of THE MEME PLAGUE, the third book in the series, I'm asking you to remember the people in your community who might need a little help. In my area of Virginia, for instance one in six individual struggles to have adequate access to food to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Feeding America is able to turn every $1 donation into $9 worth of food for the thousands of hungry men, women, and children. Will you help say "Enough" to hunger?

For more info on the book itself, please see or For more about Feeding America, read on!

Feeding America understands hunger!

Feeding America is the leading domestic hunger relief organization, with network food banks serving every state. Feeding America’s nationwide network of over 200 food banks provides food and groceries to 33,500 food pantries, 4,500 soup kitchens and 3,600 emergency shelters. This extensive network helps feed 37 million Americans each year -- delivering over 3 billion pounds of food. Each week nearly 5.7 million people receive emergency food assistance from an agency served by a Feeding America member.

Will you support my virtual food drive today?

Every dollar you give to my virtual food drive helps provide EIGHT meals to people served by the Feeding America network. When was the last time your dollar bought eight of anything? I hope you'll agree: by coming together, we can help end hunger in America. Give as much as you can -- every bit counts!

Thank you.

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