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PRMI Give A Meal Team Challenge

Dean Johnson

I am excited to be leading a team for PRMI's Give A Meal Team Challenge!  As a Team Captain, I’m helping Feeding America raise funds to help ensure that the important work of Feeding America continues.  

48 million people in America don’t know where their next meal will come from.  Many are working families, children and the elderly.   Every dollar that I raise through PRMI's Give A Meal Team Challenge will provide up to 11 meals for those struggling with hunger.  

And you can help by joining my team or supporting my fundraising efforts with a donation!  

Whether you become a team member or support me with a donation, I thank you for generous support!

Thank you!

Dean Johnson


Dean Johnson - Join Team Raised
Personal Gift Dean Johnson $2,825.00
Personal Gift Tammy Andrews $50.00
Personal Gift Vic Biscoe $150.00
Personal Gift Loretta Cremmins $50.00
Personal Gift Tara Flynn $50.00
Personal Gift Devon Gallagher $326.00
Personal Gift Jeff Gunther $100.00
Personal Gift Kathleen Lauman $150.00
Laura Massoni $25.00
Personal Gift Laura Nagel $5,275.00
Personal Gift Brenda Poulton $50.00
Stephen Preis $0.00
Sara Reprogel $0.00
Jonathan Wald $100.00
Diane Williams $0.00
Team Gifts $3,767.00
Denotes a Team Captain